Health Benefits

Natural Fat Burner

1 Cup Of Matcha = 10 Cups Of Green Tea

Matcha is a reputable Japanese tea that is renowned for its many benefits. Not only does enjoying a cup of matcha bring you zen and alertness, but it contains ingredients to help you lose weight. It has been reported that it can increase the body’s calorie burning rate up to 43%, that’s more than 30% of the average person! In combination with diet and exercise, matcha is a powerful and natural tea to supplement quick weight loss.


Antioxidants, Energy, and More

Did you know that matcha tea has more Antioxidants than any other food source?

With a strong concentration of antioxidants, a cup of matcha tea will cleanse your body of any chemicals or toxins while also improving heart health, skin, and aging. Energy and focus are more examples of the results matcha has on the body. The tea’s natural caffeine will give you the lasting the jump-start you need without any of the crashing effects seen in coffee or substitutes.


Provides cancer prevention, improves brain health, improves heart health, and promotes weight loss


Are a type of antioxidant that can prevent cancer


Induces relaxation without drowsiness, increases cardiovascular support, and promotes weight loss