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Matcha tea is very unique and especially distinguishable from others because of its deep green color and its powder resulting from grounding the fresh Japanese leaves. Unlike common tea bags found in the supermarket, when you drink our matcha tea you are ingesting the whole plant, not just the flavored and brewed water. This way, your body is able to fully absorb all of its powerful nutrients and gain the true benefits of drinking tea.

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Matcha Green Tea Powder Classic Grade

$ 19.99


Each set contains:

  • 60 Grams - 100% Organic Matcha Powder
  • 40 Servings/ 36 Tsp Aprox

We only use 100% pure organic matcha green tea making ours the best around. Delicious, intense, flavorful, Matcha Mate matcha green tea powder is simply amazing to the last drop.With 60 grams of matcha green tea powder per bag you’ll have all you’ll need to make a delicious cup day after day. The concentrated green tea flavor is better than anything you've ever had before. Nothing beats the intense flavor and aroma of 100% pure matcha green tea powder.

    Why Choose Matcha?

    Drinking matcha is great for your body and provides a vast array of benefits from fat burning to cancer prevention. It is filled with antioxidants to give you and your skin a great cleanse with every delicious cup. When compared with the average green tea, matcha has been found to be significantly more nutritional and will give you 10 times more the value per cup!

    Consuming matcha tea has been found to increase Calorie burning from the average 10% up to a vigorous 43%, making it highly compatible to those seeking to shed some pounds.

    This all-natural product is a great way to supplement weight loss with absolutely zero side-effects!

    In comparison with the nutritional value and antioxidant content of green tea, one glass of matcha tea is equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea.

    Unlike common teabags found in the supermarket, when you drink matcha you are ingesting the whole freshly grounded plant, not just the flavored and brewed water.

    Why are antioxidants important? They are a natural chemical found in many fruits and abundant in matcha. They prevent aging and chronic diseases, keeping your skin looking young and smooth.

    When mixing powder with water, powder tends to clump together and not disintegrate properly. This is why having our whisk is recommended for matcha tea users to enjoy it correctly.

    Looking for a non-addictive substitute for coffee? Matcha tea is the best option offering adequate caffeine content with many other nutrients such as Theophylline and L-Theanine, known to promote mental alertness, improve learning functions, and increase concentration all for up to 6 hours after consuming a glass.

    How It Works


    First, add about 1 tablespoon of powder to your cup


    Next, use hot water that is almost at a boil and fill to your desired amount


    After, mix effectively until the top becomes foamy (for best results, use the traditional whisk)


    Now your matcha is ready to enjoy.